Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions for the use of the video and audio of the House of Representatives as set out in Appendix D of the Standing Orders.

Live coverage of the proceedings of the House of Representatives is made available for television broadcast, webcast, and recording in other mediums to provide greater public access to the legislature. The coverage is made available on the following conditions:

1. Any broadcast or rebroadcast of coverage must comply with Broadcasting Standards Authority rules.
2. Coverage of proceedings must not be used in any medium for - political advertising or election campaigning (except with the permission of all members shown) satire, ridicule or denigration, commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising.
3. Reports that use extracts of coverage of proceedings and purport to be summaries must be fair and accurate.

Breach of these conditions may result in a loss of access to coverage, and may be treated as a contempt of the House of Representatives and proceeded against accordingly.

Absolute freedom of speech (privilege) applies to members speaking in the House of Representatives. Further publication (including broadcast or webcast) of these proceedings does not have the same legal protection. If you are in doubt about the content that you wish to publish, you should seek your own legal advice.